Weekly Picks

Back in Episode 5, we decided to introduce a new feature to the podcast called the Weekly Pick. This segment would feature one of us (we generally take it in turns) recommending something we’d been enjoying recently, whether a book, an app, some music, a movie, or in some cases a gardening tool or running belt. We tend to only do the Weekly Pick in those episodes where we also have a Question of the Week, so we don’t do it every week (some weeks we spend a whole episode on a special topic), but this page lists the Weekly Picks from those episodes where we did have one.

You may find it entertaining that Aaron’s Weekly Picks have included both a Utah-based band called the National Parks, and the actual National Parks of Utah.

(This page was last updated on September 15, 2016, and will be updated periodically going forward with the latest Picks)

Aaron’s Picks:

Jan’s Picks: