Welcome to the podcast

The Beyond Devices podcast is brought to you by Jan Dawson and Aaron Miller. Jan is the author of the Beyond Devices blog, as well as the owner and Chief Analyst at Jackdaw Research, a research and advisory firm focused on the consumer electronics market. Aaron is a business school professor, but in a past life ran one of the most popular iMovie blogs and co-authored several books in the iMovie: the Missing Manual series with David Pogue, and remains an avid follower of all things Apple.

Our usual format goes something like this:

  • News Roundup – first 10-15 minutes, covering roughly three timely topics from the news
  • Question of the Week – our middle segment, which runs 15-30 minutes, and seeks to answer a question about tech. We take it in turns to answer these questions each week, with one of us doing research and the other asking the questions during the episode
  • Third segment – we usually pick another topic that’s been in the news recently and do a deeper dive in our third segment, which can run from 10-20 minutes
  • Weekly Pick – we take it in turns to recommend something we’ve been using and enjoying that we think our listeners might enjoy. You can find a full listing of past Weekly Picks here.

You might like to see our full listing of past episodes, our past Questions of the Week, or our Weekly Picks.

Jan can be found on Twitter at @jandawson, while Aaron is @aaronmiller. We welcome your feedback on any of our episodes or the podcast in general.

Here’s the link to our SoundCloud profile, and here is the podcast on iTunes. You can also add us on Overcast. In any other podcast app, you should be able to add the podcast with a search for Beyond Devices Podcast.