Episode 5 – Apple Music launch, Apple’s PR strategy, Indie Developers

This week, our first major topic of discussion is the Apple Music launch, the new service, and Beats 1, along with our first impressions. We have somewhat different reactions to Beats 1, but both enjoy the other features. Our Question of the Week is “How is Apple’s PR strategy changing?” in the wake of former PR chief Katie Cotton’s departure and the new openness Tim Cook is bringing to Apple (something Jan wrote up for a blog post too). We use the Apple Music launch over the past few weeks as a case study of the new approach. Our third topic is Brent Simmons’ blog post about the supposedly dire prospects for indie app developers. Lastly, we introduce a new segment called the Weekly Pick, in which we recommend something new we’ve discovered recently – this week, Aaron recommends a new motown album he’s enjoying. Some relevant links in the show notes below.

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Show notes:

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