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Week 120 – BD Podcast News, State of the Industry Discussion

Jan’s taking on a new full-time job and stepping away from his role as an independent analyst, which means we’re taking a bit of a break from the podcast after this episode, and will post less frequent episodes in future. With that context, we’re in a contemplative mood and decided to make this episode a discussion about the state of the tech industry. We tackle a few distinct themes: the power of incrementalism in the face of a bias towards big inventions; the maturity of key markets and the market structures that’s driving us to; changing competitive dynamics and the increasing power of a few big players; and the role that regulation might play in the future of the industry and changing all that.

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The Beyond Devices podcast is brought to you by Jan Dawson and Aaron Miller. Jan is the author of the Beyond Devices blog, as well as the owner and Chief Analyst at Jackdaw Research, a research and advisory firm focused on the consumer electronics market. Aaron is a business school professor, but in a past life ran one of the most popular iMovie blogs and co-authored several books in the iMovie: the Missing Manual series with David Pogue, and remains an avid follower of all things Apple.

In March 2017, starting with Week 87, we changed up our format and split the podcast into two parts, each comprising what used to be a segment in our original format:

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