Episode 72 – Cord Cutting, Tech Thanksgiving

This week’s episode is a special Thanksgiving episode for our listeners here in the US.

Our News Roundup covers three stories. The first two are WiFi-related, with Google making its new Google Wifi devices available for sale and providing a self-made review of sorts as well, and Bloomberg reporting that Apple will discontinue its line of AirPort WiFi routers. Our third story is Instagram’s launch of both live video and disappearing photos.

Our Question of the Week is “What is the state of cord cutting in the US pay TV market?” Jan talks through the research and analysis he does each quarter and some of the numbers on the current state of the US pay TV market and cord cutting. But we also discuss cord nevers and cord shaving, two other phenomena affecting the pay TV industry in the US, and the implications of all this for the players in the market.

Our third segment is our Thanksgiving special, in which both Aaron and Jan share three technology things they’re thankful for.

We wrap up with our Weekly Pick, which this week is a movie recommended by Aaron.

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