Episode 67 – LeEco, Project Titan, Q3 Earnings Preview, Pixel Reviews

This week’s News Roundup is a little longer than usual as we do a deeper than expected dive into three topics. First off, we discuss the US coming-out party for LeEco, a Chinese consumer technology company that’s taking a content-centric approach. Secondly, we discuss reports that Apple is scaling back and refocusing its car initiative. And lastly, we talk about Google’s apparent deal with CBS as part of its planned YouTube-based over-the-top TV service.

Our Question of the Week this week is all about Q3 earnings and what to expect from seven of the top consumer technology companies: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, and Twitter. Jan talks through each of these companies in turn and talk about what he’s watching out for, and what to expect in both the numbers and the discussion by executives on earnings calls.

Our third segment is a brief roundup of the reviews that came out this week for the Google Pixel smartphone, whose launch we discussed a couple of weeks ago. The reviews were largely consistent, but we discuss some of the areas of disagreement as well as the interesting trends that are emerging from these and other recent reviews.

We wrap up the episode with a Weekly Pick, which this week is a our first Twitter account recommendation, from Aaron.

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Show notes:

Here are some useful links relating to this week’s episode:

  • News Roundup:
  • Jan’s Q3 earnings preview piece on Techpinions (paywall).
  • Aaron’s Weekly Pick was a Twitter account, Mark Miller’s @MDMDeals account, which tweets only the most worthwhile deals on iOS apps.

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