Episode 28 – CES, App Store Numbers, Netflix

For our first episode of 2016, we focus mostly on CES and the announcements made there. Jan was there in person, while Aaron followed the news remotely. We discuss the following trends and products, among others:

  • The rise of USB-C
  • Cars, technology, and autonomous vehicles
  • Fitness and wearables – Fitbit Blaze and Withings Thermo
  • Drones
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Headphones, including Apple’s reported moves here
  • 4K and Ultra High Definition plus HDR in TV sets.

We also spend a few minutes specifically discussing Netflix’s big international expansion news from CES, including Jan’s post from this week about the possible financial implications. Lastly, we discuss the new App Store numbers Apple released this week and what they might mean. And, as always, we wrap up with our Weekly Pick, a product recommendation.

As usual, lots of relevant links and other information are below, under the embedded SoundCloud player.

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Show notes:

Here are some useful links relating to this week’s episode:

  • The Verge’s Bragi Dash review
  • The Thermo thermometer product page on Withings’ site
  • TechCrunch article on Quanergy’s solid-state LiDAR technology
  • MG Siegler’s two pieces on Bluetooth earpieces (1, 2) and Jan’s earlier piece on intimate computing for Techpinions
  • Jan’s post from this week on Netflix Everywhere
  • Jan’s post on Apple’s new App Store numbers
  • Jan’s post on why Apple should buy Netflix
  • Aaron’s Weekly Pick, which is a knife sharpener, on Amazon (affiliate link).

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