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Episode 11 – Google OnHub, Apple Samsung Patents, Apple Fall Preview

This week’s Question of the Week is answered by Aaron, who (aside from being a business school professor) is a qualified lawyer, and digs into the details of the Apple vs. Samsung patent litigation, recent news in the case, and the implications for these two companies and others. If you’ve been wondering what all this is really about, and why not just Apple and Samsung but Google and Facebook are involved, you’ll really want to listen to this segment, which starts at 15:45. Either side of the QotW, we have our other two topics. Kicking off the show, we have a discussion of Google’s OnHub wireless router, which was announced this week, including its role as a Trojan horse for Google’s ambitions in the smart home. And following the patent discussion, we have a quick preview of Apple’s fall announcements, including what Aaron is expecting in new MacBooks based on Intel’s new chips. Last on the agenda, as always, is our Weekly Pick, which this time around is a movie recommendation from Jan.

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Show notes:

Here are some useful links relating to this week’s episode:

  • Google’s blog post announcing the OnHub wireless router
  • Wired’s article on the OnHub, including the quote on privacy we discussed in the episode, in the second to last paragraph
  • John Moltz’s tweet on OnHub privacy settings, which was mentioned by Aaron in the episode
  • Two articles (first, second) from which Aaron read during his research for our Question of the Week on patents
  • Far from the Madding Crowd (Jan’s Weekly Pick movie recommendation) on iTunes and Amazon (affiliate link) and the trailer on YouTube.

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