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Episode 70 – Tech and the Election, Google Hardware Review

In this week’s episode, we cover two topics: technology and the US presidential election, and a review of Google’s three new hardware products: Home, Pixel, and Daydream View.

Our first topic, which takes up a little over the first half of the episode, is this week’s US presidential election. We do share our personal thoughts on the outcome briefly, but most of this segment is devoted to the role technology and particularly social media played in the election, and then the likely outcome of the election for tech policy. We specifically discuss trade, M&A activity and the media, net neutrality, and repatriation of overseas profits.

Our second topics is our Question of the Week, in which Jan shares his first impressions of Google’s Home, Pixel and Daydream View hardware, which he’s been using for a while now. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of hardware, as well as Jan’s overall views on Google’s first hardware efforts.

We wrap up with our Weekly Pick, which this week is a camping stove recommended by Aaron.

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