Week 102 News Roundup – Microsoft Broadband, Prime Day, Uber – Yandex, Facebook VR

Once again, there’s no Question of the Week episode this week, but here’s our roundup of the major news of the week. We start with Microsoft’s push to expand access to broadband in the rural United States through the use of wireless technology running in white spaces spectrum. The second item is Amazon’s third annual Prime Day and what it’s likely to mean for the company. Third, we discuss Uber’s capitulation in the Russian ride sharing business and its decision to merge its operations there with those of Yandex, the dominant market player. And lastly, we talk about the report from Bloomberg that Facebook’s Oculus is working on a standalone VR headset for next year.

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Show notes:

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  • Microsoft broadband plans:
  • Amazon Prime Day:
  • Uber and Yandex:
  • Facebook VR headset:

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