Week 90 News Roundup – Spectrum, Apple R&D, Uber Finances, Bixby Delay, LeEco

There won’t be a Question of the Week episode this week as we’ve both been busy. Here is this week’s News Roundup episode, in which we cover the following five topics in quick-fire order:

  • Spectrum news including the conclusion of the FCC’s spectrum auction and AT&T’s proposed purchase of Straight Path
  • Two pieces of news about Apple R&D efforts: it appeared on the California DMV’s list of companies with permission to test self-driving cars on public roads, and CNBC reported that it’s been working on glucose monitoring technology for several years
  • Uber released some of its finances for 2016 to Bloomberg, while The Information reported on a Lyft-hacking program called Hell Uber used to run, and the company’s PR head left
  • Samsung announced that its Bixby voice assistant won’t ship with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ when they’re released next week in the US
  • LeEco announced the end of its bid to acquire Vizio and the killing off of its EcoPass content service, and was also reported to have fallen far short of its revenue targets in the US last year.

As always, you’ll find links to these stories and other things we discussed underneath the SoundCloud player embedded below.

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Show notes:

Here are some useful links relating to this week’s episode:

  • News stories we covered (Tech Narratives links):
    • FCC spectrum auction: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/13/t-mobile-dish-and-comcast-among-big-winners-in-fcc-spectrum-auction/
    • AT&T buys Straight Path: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/10/att-buys-straight-path-in-1-6-billion-deal-for-5g-arsenal-bloomberg/
    • Apple self-driving cars license: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/14/apple-receives-permission-to-test-autonomous-vehicles-in-california/
    • Apple glucose monitoring story: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/12/apple-has-been-working-on-glucose-monitoring-technology-for-diabetes-for-five-years/
    • Uber shares finances with Bloomberg: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/14/uber-shares-partial-flattering-financial-data-for-2016-with-bloomberg/
    • Uber’s Hell program: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/13/uber-had-a-program-called-hell-designed-to-undermine-lyft/
    • Uber PR head leaves: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/11/uber-comms-head-rachel-whetstone-is-departing-recode/
    • Samsung Bixby voice delay: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/11/samsung-says-bixby-voice-assistant-wont-ship-with-galaxy-s8-axios/
    • LeEco Vizio deal falls through: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/10/leecos-acquisition-of-vizio-officially-called-off-variety/
    • LeEco US sales fall short: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/10/leeco-is-said-to-miss-u-s-sales-forecasts-plan-more-job-cuts-bloomberg/
    • LeEco kills off content subscription: https://www.technarratives.com/2017/04/14/leeco-kills-ecopass-video-streaming-and-services-subscription-plan/

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