Episode 60 – Social Media Insights, Apple Event Preview

In our News Roundup this week, we talk about the EU’s action against Apple with regard to its Irish tax arrangements; Facebook’s firing of the editors who used to handle its Trending Topics section, and the somewhat predictable results; and the news from the first day of German tech trade show IFA, which kicked off on Wednesday.

Our Question of the Week this week is a little different, in that instead of asking each other questions as we usually do, we’ve brought a guest on. Alison Faulkner is the creator of the Alison Show, who’s an event producer, a writer and an Instagram and social media personality. We had Alison on because she knows far more about social media and making money on social media than either of us do (she has over 80,000 Instagram followers and 15,000 YouTube subscribers, among other things). Aaron interviewed Alison – who happens to be a neighbor of his – and asked her about what she does, how she does it, and the business of social media.

Our third segment is a preview of Apple’s event next week, at which it’s expected to unveil the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2. We round up the various rumors and reports of what will be announced, add our own predictions, and talk about the importance of how Apple positions some of the expected changes, including the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, new cameras, and more.
Lastly, we wrap up with a Weekly Pick, which is a movie recommendation from Jan.

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Show notes:

Here are some useful links relating to this week’s episode:

  • Jan’s post on Apple and the EU from Tuesday
  • Alison Faulkner’s website, the Alison Show, where you can find a link to her YouTube channel, her Instagram account, as well as her writing and other online activities
  • Jan’s Weekly Pick was the movie The Man Who Knew Infinity, which is a true story about Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. The movie is available to buy and rent on iTunes, Amazon, and all the usual places where you’d rent and buy movies (affiliate links).

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