Episode 17 – Google Event, A Series Chips, iPhone and Apple Music Impressions

We kick off this week’s episode with a discussion of Google’s event on Tuesday. We discuss the new Nexus phones and the history of Google’s Nexus programs, the new Chromecast devices, and Google’s strategy for the TV. Our Question of the Week is about Apple’s A-Series Chips, and Aaron’s been doing some research into how Apple has managed both to make such rapid advances and to compete so effectively against other approaches. Aaron explains the differences and relationships between fabless manufacturers, foundries, and Integrated Device Manufacturers, the role of Apple’s PA Semi acquisition, the importance of the ARM architecture, and more.

Our final topic is a discussion of our personal experiences with Apple’s new iPhones, as well as our conflicting responses to Apple Music (Jan has just allowed his trial to roll over into a paid subscription, while Aaron has cancelled). And Jan’s Weekly Pick is the Launch Center Pro app, which in its latest version makes interesting use of Apple’s new 3D Touch Quick Actions.

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